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E-commerce Delivery Management System

E-commerce Delivery Management System the most flexible delivery management software in the market today.

E-commerce Delivery Management System Software is a cloud based solution providing flexible routing options for companies to help ensure customer choice and delivery satisfaction. This bespoke software solution is integrated with the leading delivery companies, providing a range of services for each possible destination. The E-commerce Delivery Management System Software enables integration with your current back office systems to ensure data integrity and reduce processing costs.


  • Save time and eliminate shipping mistakes.
  • Access E-commerce Delivery Management System Software from anywhere.
  • Web service for auto pushing pickup soft data by client into E-commerce Delivery Management System.
  • E-commerce Delivery Management System comes with android app for real time delivery.
  • Auto SMS and email to customer, client, branch.

Auto Parts Management System


  • Managing all the purchase
  • Managing all the sales
  • Managing all the reports
  • Managing all the billing
  • Managing all the invoice
  • Managing all the order

Appointment Management System
Recruiting App

Recruiting App

The app needs to:

  • Track positions in all stages of the process, from those that are open to those that have been filled or canceled.
  • Track all of the candidates who apply for a particular position, including the status of their application (whether they've had a phone screen, are scheduled for interviews, have been rejected or hired, or have passed on an offer that was presented).
  • Allow employees to post reviews for candidates whom they've interviewed.
  • Provide security for the recruiting data so that it's not mistakenly viewed, edited, or deleted by employees who shouldn't have access.
  • Automatically inform the relevant recruiter about the next steps that should be taken when a decision has been made about an applicant.
  • Automatically inform all employees of new positions that have been posted.
  • Make sure that a new job opening has executive approval before it becomes active.
  • Include reports that give users an overview of recruiting status.
  • Allow recruiters to map the locations of all candidates who are applying for a position, to better understand relocation expenses.

Online Recruitment Management System

Online Recruitment Management System

Online recruitment management system (ORMS) is a comprehensive system to manage entire recruitment processes of an organization. ORMS is an open "job portal" where jobseekers can register themselves for vacant positions. It creates a bridge between candidates and employers. This module provides facility for candidate registration and creates username and password for future access. Candidates can fill in their application and send it to organization.

ORMS is an automated recruiting process that reduces manual processes and paperwork. With the help of ORMS, HR personnel can hire the best and suitable employees for a job role who prove to be ideal candidates working towards achieving goals and objectives of the organization. Moreover, ORMS offers more transparency and makes hiring a fair and quick process.

Key Benefits

  • Simple sign up with email verification and authentication
  • Screen and evaluate candidate profiles
  • Shortlist candidates for interview
  • Schedule interview online
  • Calendar invitation to candidates for interview
  • Create talent pool
  • Advance search on multiple criteria
  • Identify duplicate applications of same candidate
  • View all scheduled interviews on event calendar
  • Electronic interview process
  • Application status tracking
  • Application download in form of PDF
  • Increased productivity by handling recruitment process online

Restaurant Management System

Restaurant management system is a fully automated software application for restaurants that is quite flexible and can be adapted to your individual business needs.

It provides an entire management system that can be used in any kind of food service industries like Dining restaurants, QSR restaurants, Pizzeria, Cafe/Bakery, Pubs, Hotels etc., very easily.

Maisha Infotech offers a perfect and an easy restaurant management system which comes with user friendly graphical interface POS (point of sale) software, thereby offering an online restaurant management system.

Health Club System

Health Club System

It is designed to help individuals set drinking water goals and track the volume of water they are drinking on a daily basis. The app allows for schedule reminders and offers a basic statistical analysis of the amount of what you have consumed over the course of a day, week or month.